Safety First


SAFEty first, guidelines & Procedures 

(updated as of April 9th, 2021 at 4PM)

This page will serve as your reference for all Safety First procedures and requirements. All of the below is based on State and CDC guidelines. We will update this page with new information and procedures as we get them.

More details about on-field training modifications and parent, player, and coach responsibilities can be found below. 

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2020/21 Spring training policies & procedures

The following guidelines will be followed at each OUTDOOR facility:

  • Face coverings are required at all times 
  • Only coaches, players and participants are allowed on-field
  • Health Screens may be required prior to each session - see below for more detail
  • Players will not be allowed onto a facility more than 15 minutes prior to the start of training - if you arrive early, you must wait in your vehicle
  • Players will not be allowed to linger on the field after training, you must leave promptly after your training session
  • Bring water, players should plan to be self-reliant


If/when state safety guidelines change, we too will adjust to ensure our indoor policies remain in line, including virtual training if required.



(if applicable for your program, you will be notified prior to program start)

Health Checks are required screen questionnaires that will be available for completion 6 hours before each scheduled team event (ie: practice, game, etc.). Reminder notifications will be sent out up to the start of the event and/or until you complete the Health Check. Please make sure to enable notifications in the settings of the PlayerFirst app.

Health Checks only need to be completed if your player is attending that day. If they are not attending that day, please make sure to mark your attendance accordingly.

You MUST have the most recent version of PlayerFirst in order to fill out the Health Check. Check your app store to ensure the most recent version is downloaded.


Health Check Responses and Tracking

Parents are required to check that their child’s temperature is below 100.4 each day.

Health Check questions will ask if the player has:

  • any symptoms of COVID-19
  • a fever
  • a COVID-19 diagnosis
  • had exposure to someone with the virus


There are three possible states of each daily Health Check:

GREEN: If the Health Check is cleared the player will receive a green approval screen that will be seen by their Coach, indicating they are cleared to attend that day.

RED: If you receive a red screen after your Health Check, we ask that you do not attend that day. Your Coach will be notified and your attendance will automatically be changed to “not attending”.

INCOMPLETE: If your child’s Health Check is not filled out, they will not be allowed to participate and will be sent home.

All answers to a Health Check will remain confidential. Coaches and Directors only see a player’s Health Check status.


Tutorials & How-Tos

Please click here for instructions and examples of the Health Check.

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