Making it Happen

Greg Hennelly

FCU Boys Director

Playing Experience:
Bowling Green State University
Coaching Since:
Coaching Experience:
B2010 Pre-Academy
B2009 Pre-Academy
B2007 Pre-Academy Pool
B2005 Pre-Academy Black
B2004 Pre-Academy Red
Other Coaching Positions:
Des Moines Menace, Assistant Coach
Iowa Rush, Director of Coaching
Bowling Green State University, Men's Assistant Coach
Toledo Football Academy, Assistant Director of Coaching
Coaching Licenses:
USSF National B
USSF National Youth
Akron, Oh
Bowling Green State University

Greg enjoys playing soccer with his friends in mens leagues around Chicago when he has the time. He also loves to go skiing in the Winters when he is able to get out of town for a bit. He also finds it extremely important to find time to spend with Family and Friends and keep strong relationships with individuals important to him in life.

Continue to work to earn your place in whatever you want in life, everything is earned, not given. Put in extra work outside of training and games if you want to set yourself apart from your competition.