Making it Happen

Sasha Bogosavljevic

FCU Staff Coach

Playing Experience:
Lindsey Wilson College
Chicago Storm
Coaching Experience:
G2006 Select 1
G2004 Select 1
G02/03 Select Red
B2003 Select 1
Other Coaching Positions:
Lindsey Wilson College, Men's Assistant Coach
Athletico Flames
Chicago Wind
Chicago Magic
NS Premier Soccer Academy
Coaching Licenses:
USSF National C
Sevojno, Serbia
Lindsey Wilson College

I am a family man that enjoys watching my 3 kids growing up and spending any available minutes with them. Outside of family, soccer is my biggest passion. I owe to soccer everything I achieved so far-coming to US, Degree, Occupation, Marriage. It shaped me up to a person I am today. Nowadays, coaching soccer makes me feel privileged to be around young people who want to learn the game and improve on an everyday basis.

No matter when and where, everyone has a chance to succeed. Never give up on your dreams as hard work always pays off!