Making it Happen

Stan Anderson

FCU Goalkeeping Director

Playing Experience:
Dayton Dynamo
University of Wisconsin-Parkside
Coaching Since:
Other Coaching Positions:
Chicago Fire Academy
Chicago Fire First Team
University of Illinois at Chicago, Men's Volunteer Assistant Coach
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Men's Assistant Coach
Loyola University, Men's Assistant Coach
Marquette University, Men's Assistant Coach
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Men's Assistant Coach
Palatine, IL
University of Wisconsin Parkside

Since the mid 80’s, and growing up the son of an Athletic Director, I have had a passion for making a difference in the lives of youth soccer players and college age soccer players via coaching. I’ve been blessed to accomplish many things in the game due to the people constantly on my right, left and in front of me and behind....this being part of a team.

Once you choose to enter into a team your coach, value your teammates and look up to those that deserve your attention. The game can take you places.