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FC United Goalkeeping Director, Stan Anderson, Inducted in Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame

FC United Goalkeeping Director, Stan Anderson, Inducted in Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame

All of us at FC United are sending over a huge congratulations to Stan Anderson on his induction into the Wisconsin Soccer Association (WSA) Hall of Fame. This past weekend, on November 19th, Toney Anderson, Stan's 18 year old son, had the honor of introducing his father into the 34th Annual WSA Hall of Fame.

For us at the club, this important accolade does not come as a surprise. For this continues to speak to the stand up guy that Stan is and makes us that much more grateful to have him be a part of our team. Stan is FC United's Club and Development Academy Goalkeeping Director.

FC United Soccer Club is Chicagoland's leading competitive youth soccer program for players 4-18 years old. FC United Development AcademyTrevian SC, Titans FC, Spartan FC, FC Hawks, and Chicago Magic are all affiliates of FC United. Whether you are a beginner to an elite player, we have the right program for you. We are dedicated to providing an environment which fosters a passion for soccer. By building a sense of teamwork, confidence, fitness, and individual skills, players in our program will achieve success both on and off the field. We look to strengthen our young people through a competitive atmosphere that breeds proper technique, ball movement, relationships, teamwork, and discipline. 

FC United Development Academy focuses on positively impacting everyday club environments to assist in maximizing youth player development across the country. The Academy values individual development of elite players over winning trophies and titles. The Academy sets the standard for elite environments for youth soccer clubs nationwide and is a part of U.S. Soccer's global leadership position in youth soccer that will impact thousands of players.

We realize that many of you don't know Stan like we do. We asked him 10 questions about sportsmanship, player development, coaching development, and community so you can get to know him better. 

1. How do you promote sportsmanship?

Simple. Respect everyone you are involved with in the game. This goes from the top down to the bottom up. All these people: referees, administration, coaches, managers, athletic trainers, etc. help an athlete and all of these people help a coach. We are all intertwined and should be doing our part to better ourselves, others, and the game.

2. How do you instill sportsmanship in your players beyond soccer?

I have two basic rules: a firm handshake and always look people in the eye. This will help every athlete with every aspect in their life. It is very possible that some people may think that I give too many handshakes, but I think it's a simple show of your character. It's how I let people know that I am serious about what I's a way to connect.

3. How do you motivate your players to learn and play to the extent of their ability?

Players should be motivated within themselves. I always hope that my players have the drive and motivation to succeed. In sports, the truth is that it's not about being equal, it's about being better than the next guy. I never overestimate my importance nor underestimate my impact when it comes to player development. Believing in a player can make a huge difference in an athlete, but at the same time, the player has a part to play too and prove that they have the motivation to reach their full potential. Players can motivate coaches just as much as coaches can motivate players.

4. How do you create a training environment that allows for enthusiasm, creativity, and self-confidence?

I do my best to keep training environments unique and different all the time. When players are competitive in training sessions it automatically lends itself to fun training. It's also important to know which button to press for each player. My goal is to help players achieve things that they never thought they could.

5. Do you encourage players to train on their own or play in "pick-up" games?

Yes I do, but I don't tell them it's mandatory. The reality is if they don't pick up the ball outside of practice and games, someone will pass them by. If a player has the drive and passion that will help them tremendously. You can tell when their clock, their heart, their mind is ticking all the time on how to become a better player. These players that eat, sleep, and breathe soccer do what they can to spend as much time with a ball. This, more times than not, translates on the field. 

6. What is your coaching philosophy?

It's about believing in your athletes. If you're the first to connect with them about what they are capable of, you end up developing a relationship with a player that helps them get to places and performance levels that they didn't know they could ever get to. With an experienced eye, you can perhaps see something in a younger player that they may not see themselves. So it's my job to help them achieve aspects of their play that they never thought possible.

7. Are there any other ways you learn about the game?

Besides continuing my education, there are so many other ways to learn about the game. One way is in environments within a team. It could also be watching the game at a high level. There are so many things to learn in those games. I love watching high level games to realize technically and tactically areas that need improvement and how you can translate that to your own team. So many different lessons to learn from. Also, coaches learn from one another. From my experience, I've found coaches that are more of a dictator and others that are more of a collaborator. No matter the philosophy, there is always room for growth and learning.

8. Are you active in the community?

Absolutely. Besides my time with FC United and the Development Academy levels, I am also involved with Camp Shutout - Goalkeeping Training Camps. It's the largest goalkeeping camp in the world. That community in and of itself, from the technical staff to all the goalkeepers, are a great place for all of us to come together to teach and learn. At Camp Shutout we give out $5,000 - $8,000 in scholarships a year to ensure that many that normally could not afford Camp Shutout have the opportunity to attend. And I always want to do more!

9. How do you positively influence soccer beyond your own team or club?

By speaking positively about the game which has so much room for growth in this country, but also being pretty passionate about where the game is in our country. Many people are critical about where we are at, but there are so many different levels to discuss. Representing the game in a positive light is a reflection on me, the programs, and the game of soccer itself. Always be positive! As a country we are in a better place than what many want you to believe!

10. Who have been there as your leading cause of development as a coach?

Just like a coach believes in his players, I have had many people in my life believe in me. These people I have listed below entrusted me in the development of their players and to be a part of their staff to help along the journey. I wouldn't be where I am without the help and support of these amazing people!

I've got to thank my mom and dad, Gerardo Pagnani - Fremd High School Coach, Rick Kilps - University of Wisconsin Parkside, Brendan Eitz - Loyola University Head Coach, John Trask - University of Wisconsin Badgers Head Coach, Larry Sunderland 0 Previous DOC for Chicago Fire, Current DOC for Portland Timbers, Roy Wiggemansen - FC United Executive Director, Jamie Smith - FC United Academy Director, Baer Fisher - FC United Boys' Director, Paul Gibbs, FC United Academy & Club Coach, Tom Nevill - FC United Academy Coach, Kyle Retzlaff - FC United Academy Coach, Gonzalo Segares - FC United Academy Coach, and Matthew Stewart - FC United Academy Coach.

Stan joined our team in the beginning of 2016 when we were accepted into the Development Academy. We are delighted to share the knowledge, passion and all that is Stan Anderson with all of you. We are lucky to have such a solid coach with the club. If you want to learn more about Stan, CLICK HERE for his Coach Profile.


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