2020-2021 FCU Academy Boys

Aug 1-Jun 15, 2021
Registration is by invitation only. If you are interested, please contact Director Steve Morris at steve.m@chicagofcunited.com.

At FC United, we provide an unrivaled family and player experience. The FCU Academy Experience is fueled by the player's drive to do more, to experience more, than just expert coaching and on-field success. What makes your FCU Academy Experience one to beat is not only top facilities, most qualified coaches and multiple levels of play but all of the additional opportunities the players' experience that go beyond a traditional soccer club. 


what makes up Your FC United Academy Experience? Check It Out Below:


FC United is proud to present a formal, comprehensive College Recruitment Program (CRP) to interested FC United Pre-Academy boys & girls players. FCU CRP is for current 8th through 12th grade girls and 9th through 12th grade boys FC United Pre-Academy girls members interested in playing collegiate soccer. It is our intent to offer official recruiting support to our Select and Premier programs in the near future.

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 Communication Commitment

Communication is an integral part of a great club environment. For this club year, we have implemented a system that is built upon frequent and substantial communication between the club coaches and directors and the players and families. This commitment runs throughout the entire club system and includes communication contact points such as:

  • Seasonal Coach Calls
  • End of Season Coach Recap Emails
  • Individual Player Evaluations & Meetings
  • Seasonal What To Expect Emails
  • Director Check-ins
  • Pre-Tryout Team Meetings


 Dedicated Goalkeeper Training

Our specially crafted goalkeeper curriculum puts a focus on GK development for every level of player. Directed by Stan Anderson, a nationally recognized GK coach, the Player First Goalkeeping curriculum is what sets FC United apart, and makes our player experience an unrivaled one. Goalkeeper specific training is included in the training scheduled for every club goalkeeper.

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 Sports Performance & Wellness

FC United believes in training the whole athlete by providing a high-level training education helping to build smarter, strong and safer athletes. Sports Performance training is a part of each team's individual curriculum. 


 PlayerFirst Club App

The PlayerFirst club app experience is built around the promise of player safety, secure communication and coach/player accountability. With the PlayerFirst app, players, parents and coaches can communicate, update schedules, start team chats and track attendance in a secure, easy to access mobile app.

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 TravelFirst Agency

Available to all club teams, TravelFirst works specifically with coaches and team managers to help make travel as easy as possible.

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VEO is a video camera and analysis software that uses artificial intelligence to film entire soccer games with the film available instantly for post-game analysis. FC United Academy teams will be using VEO technology at times throughout the year to record games and allow coaches to provide post-game or post-practice analysis to the team and to players. This is a great tool that we are so excited to be able to introduce to all Academy teams for the 2020/21 season with hopes of bringing it to all team levels in the near future. 

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Ivy Rehab is FC United's exclusive Athletica Training and Physical Therapy provider. Ivy Rehab's FCU head personal trainer and physical therapist will both have hours open solely for FC United players to drop-in for their PT or ATC needs. Ivy Rehab focuses on injury prevention, wellness, return to play and the overall health of our FCU athletes. 

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